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The Kaplan and Norton “Execution Premium framework"
3 lezioni - 1 Week-end - 12 ore
Friday and Saturday, from 9.30 to 18.30

€ 390,00 + iva in aula

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"The Office of Strategy Management is a key success factor of organizations that has brought strategy to results."
Become a Certified Strategy Management Officer

MELIUSform, in cooperation with Tantum Group - the international Partner of the Strategy Management Collaborative (SMC) - is pleased to present Strategy Certification Program  for the first time in Italy, with a faculty who has developed a great experience with Prof. Robert Kaplan's theories and their practical application in  companies around the world. 
During the course you will be introduced and will have the chance to exercise all the best practices in strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring. 
The final test of the program will certify you as a CSMO (Certified Strategy Management Officer ).
Language: The course will be held entirely in English. For the Italian version click here 


Day 1: Friday, December 4, 2020
Day 2: Saturday, December 5, 2020
Day 1: Friday, December 4, 2020
Day 2: Saturday, December 5, 2020


9.15 Registration
9.30 - 13.30 Session 1
11.30 Coffee Break
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 18.30 Session 2
16.30 Coffee Break


With Best Practice Cases from Harvard Business School
» Participants will learn about proven Strategy Management Concepts, practical Implementation steps, hands on Exercises and Best Practice Case Studies
» The course covers the entire Strategy Management Process from Strategy Formulation to Strategy Implementation and Adaptation
» Participants will be submitted to a Certification Test designed by Strategy Management Collaborative (SMC), Brussels, the international non-profit organization founded by renowned thought leaders.
» Participants will have lots of opportunities to exchange their Strategy Management experiences among each other, with the international Instructors Team and last but not least with Strategy Management Specialists of the Best Practice Organizations visited during the Program. 


Positions just under a manager or also managers in:  finance, accounting, controlling, strategy, HR, IT, production, logistics, as well as business units. We could also target directors, but in this case it would be probably more Finance, HR and Production. 
In medium to small sized companies it could also be the general manager.

The course is a limited group of 20 – 25 persons.



The registration fee includes the following benefits:


The best Practices Based Learning
At the end of the training F2F the "Wudesto best practice case" will be presented, discussed and its current challenges in strategy management disclosed. 
Participants will have a chance to analyze and discuss the challenges and, with the coaching of the program instructors.

Certified Strategy Management Officer
At the end of the course participants will receive a diploma with the certification of Strategy Management Officer, issued by the Strategy Management Collaborative in partnership with MELIUSform

Preparatory Module On-Line
This Module is completely on-line (by our e-Learning platform) and it is preparatory at the F2F Program. The participants, with their own username and password, will access at this preparatory module, in the web section dedicated on the e-Learning platform Meliusform.


Preparatory Module Video Lessons
Module Online contains the following video lessons ("on demand" version) that must be followed before the start of the training event:

1. Introduction Video from  SMC Though Leaders 
The Strategy Management Challenges
2. The Strategy Execution Premium Model
Why strategy execution is important: challenges and barriers
The Kaplan/Norton Execution Premium Model
The Strategic Management System in 6 phases
Strategy Management Tools and Best Practices  
3. Strategy Analysis - Using the Roger Martin Approach Play to Win
Why strategy is simple: the key 5 questions
Winning Aspiration
Where and How to play: strategy is about choices
Strategic capabilities: key capabilities and success factors
Strategy Management System
4. Strategy Formulation
Strategy Development Process
Mission, Vision and Values Gap
Strategy Analysis
Strategy Formulation
5. Strategy Alignment
Enterprise synergies and objectives cascade approaches
The horizontal alignment
The vertical alignment
Potential Alignment Pitfalls 
6. Strategic Project Portfolio Management
Setting the initiative management framework
Collecting and selecting the initiatives
Funding, planning and Tracking
Establish initiatives governance process
7. Strategy Review Meetings   
How to build a platform to manage the strategy efficiently
Strategy review meeting vs operation meeting 
Strategy review meeting agenda
Strategy review meeting best practices
8. Attendants/Testimonials
Watch the following 2 video lessons DEMO



Mathias Mangels

Was the founder in 1989 of Tantum Group, a leading Latin American management consulting company focused on strategy execution. From 2004 Tantum Group in a JV with professors  Robert Kaplan and David Norton  Tantum Group expended its activities into Europe and the Middle East.  Mathias focused his activities in strategy finding and execution in the  Americas as, Europe and in the Middle East. His  past experience has been on strategy design and execution for private, public and non-profit organisations . He has been researching both, the theoretical and practical aspects of the Strategy Focused Organization Framework as well as its link to the Blue Ocean  and Stakeholder / Experience Co Creation Methodology. Mathias has been presenting these topics at conferences and summits in Europe, the Americas and Middle East. Mathias ‘s industry experience  has been in  the service sector such as insurance and financial services, retail and hospitality. He has also been  involved in the consumer product goods  CPG industries. Mathias holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mackenzie University) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (INSEAD – Paris, France). 


Cristiano Daolio

Received a degree in Business & Economics in 1994 and a Master’s degree in International Management in 1995. He completed his education program with a Business Executive education session at Harvard Business School 2005 (“Driving Corporate Results”) and then at London Business School in 2007 (“Financing the Entrepreneurial Business”).  His first business experience started as Consultant with Ernst & Young from 1995 to 2000. From 2000 to 2009 he worked with various firms in manufacturing and financial services areas, taking on many responsibilities at the international level including Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director. Mr. Daolio has also completed many projects in designing innovation solutions , new business modelling, strategy development, and strategy execution and performances management areas.  He is Managing Partners of Tantum Group Italy since its born in 2009 and he is currently involved in many projects at International Level.  He teaches as a Non Academic Professor at “SDA Bocconi Business School” in Milan in the Strategy and Performance Management areas.



Prices for the full SMC program including Test & Certification Form  
For one participant € 650 + iva 


How to Register


To attend the course please fill in the Registration Form and send it:
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For any information, you can contact us at 06.62205420 or write to: infomaster@meliusform.it.

Participants will only be considered registered to the program if the bank deposit has been received. A confirmation letter and invoice will be send to each registered participant.

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€ 390,00 + iva in aula

(quota oraria: 33,00 € / ora)

€ 350,00 + iva in VLS

(quota oraria: 29,00 € / ora)

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